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Nervous about your upcoming citizenship test? You are not alone! Just like any other test or interview, citizenship test nerves and interview anxiety affect EVERY citizenship applicant.

Test anxiety is actually a type of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is when a person feels worried about how he/she will perform to pass a really important test. For most people, getting US citizenship is a dream. So it is probably the most nervous time in his or her whole life! When your symptoms take over during the citizenship test, you might not be able to do your best and fail.

The best technique to overcome such anxiety without doubt is maximum preparation! When you are prepared well for the citizenship test and you get a handle on your anxiety, you'll be able to let your knowledge shine and score a "PASS". This is exactly what U-Pass Citizenship Success Program is designed for!

Secret Citizenship Success Ingredient #1 : Fully understand what you will be tested on

Why are people afraid and anxious about the Citizenship test? Fear comes from NOT knowing what to expect.

During the citizenship interview, if you can prove to US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) officer that you have sufficient knowledge of US Civics, and you can speak, read and write English, you will get your citizenship!

To help immigrants prepare for the Civics test, the USCIS has published a 1ist of 100 questions and answers. There are so many study aids on the market for those 100 questions, that many people assume that those are the only questions they need to study. This is absolutely WRONG!
us citizenship test interview The citizenship test consists of a face-to-face interview by a USCIS officer. Here is a 9.54-minute Video that shows the process of citizenship interview. It takes you step by step, through the interview process, including the greeting, questions about yourself, and the Civics, History, and writing tests. As you will see, the testing process begins from the moment you enter the office. The officer will expect you to understand spoken English and to read and write in English. The Civics is ONLY part of the test!

Here is the major difference between the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program and other products. Most other products only offer the same 100 citizenship test questions and answers for the Civics and History tests, but the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program offers a lot more!
Secret Citizenship Success Ingredient #2 : Fully prepare for what you must know

The U-Pass Citizenship Success Program eliminates fear and anxiety by getting you ready for ALL the questions you might be asked during your interview. So you will already know what to expect before you go to the interview!

Here is a list of just some of the things you will get from the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program:
  1. Of course, U-Pass includes the same 100 Civics test questions and answers published by the USCIS. This is all you get with most other study programs on the market. U-Pass gives you much more!
  2. A 10-page Sample N400 Application questions for the speaking testExclusive

    This material is exclusive to U-Pass. The interviewer will ask for certain personal information, such as facts about yourself, your family, eligibility, employment, and criminal background. Most questions are from the N400 naturalization form. Our list of sample questions lets you know in advance the type of questions you will be asked. With just a little study, answering these questions will be a breeze!

    If you know a Hispanic or Chinese immigrant with limited English skills, please ask them to check out our English-Spanish or English-Chinese bilingual version. I guarantee you that the N400 Application Prep Guide in the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program will be a huge help for them. According to our customers, just the translation of N400 form into their own language saves them $1000s on immigrant lawyers.

    U-Pass Citizenship Success Program is the ONLY program that offers study and translation material on N400 application questions. You won't find it elsewhere, guaranteed!
  3. Sample reading and writing sentences for the English testExclusive

    This is another feature available only in the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program. At your interview, you will be asked to read and write some sentences in English. With the exclusive U-Pass Vocabulary and Sentence Module, you will be prepared to :ace; the reading and writing sections of the Citizenship test!
  4. Real citizenship interview tips from real peopleExclusive

    The U-Pass Citizenship Success Program reveals the important tips from naturalized citizens for entire interview process. It advises you what you should pay attention to before, during and after the citizenship interview. We even provide a checklist to help you remember to bring all the documents you need for the interview.
A Success Program Based on Personal Test-taking Experience!

When I prepared for the test myself, I found that memorizing the material was the easy part. Where I needed the most help was learning correct pronunciation for the English speaking test. For example, I was asked about the Native American tribe called the :Cheyenne.; I had no idea how to pronounce it!

Difficulty can also arise when the USCIS officer asks you questions from your N400 Naturalization Form. For example, in the :Good Moral Character; section, question 19 asks: :Have you ever been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program (for example: diversion, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication, deferred adjudication)?; Excuse me? Have I what?

Remember, the interviewer will ask the questions in English at normal speed. It・s important to understand the questions the first time and to answer them in an understandable way. You are PUT on the citizenship test the moment you walk into USCIS officer's office. Civics test is just part of the citizenship test! You are expected to be able to understand everything the USCIS officer says, talk in English and write in English. To pass the citizenship test, you need not only the knowledge, but also the confidence!

Unlike citizenship test materials that are based on general information, U-Pass was developed using the experience of naturalized citizens and customer feedback -- which makes it the top Citizenship test guide of its kind. We have helped tens of thousands of immigrants become US Citizens; now let us help you be the next one to get your Citizenship!"

What You Need: Maximum Efficiency for Best Results

:Maximum efficiency.; From this simple concept we designed a simple solution: The U-Pass Citizenship Success Program combines the questions and situations most frequently used in the Citizenship test into quality audio CDs recorded by professional voice over talents. So in addition to the study materials themselves, The U-Pass system provides a native English-speaking voice to help with your pronunciation.

The U-Pass Citizenship Success Program audio CDs cover ALL the materials you will be tested on, NOT just the 100 questions and answers you get from other study programs. Plus, you get ten pages of sample Form N400 questions. And you get sample vocabulary along with sample sentences for the English reading and writing tests, and much more... It gives you not only the knowledge, but also the confidence you need to pass the citizenship test!

But don・t take our word for it! Search online and Compare the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program with other similar programs. You will see for yourself that ONLY U-Pass has all the features you need to pass your Citizenship test the first time. NO other product goes the extra mile like U-Pass!

What You Want: Maximum Convenience for least Time Consumption

Stuck in traffic? Pop one of our U-Pass Citizenship Success Program CDs in your player and learn while you drive? Working around the house? Multi-task by listening to a U-Pass CD while you work. Exercising? Build your vocabulary while you build your muscles! One of our satisfied customers says her U-Pass CD even helps put her baby to sleep! The possibilities are endless. As long as you・re awake with both ears open, you can be effectively preparing for your citizenship test!

This is the beauty of our U-Pass Citizenship Success Program. You won・t need to spend any extra time to study for your citizenship test. You just can NOT get this benefit using a DVD program or through online course!

What U-Pass Offers: Maximum Affordability

The entire U-Pass Citizenship Success Program is now available for the low price of ONLY $39.99 for the Kit package with 2 Audio CDs and a bonus handbook, or $29.99 for instant download with mp3 for audio files and PDF for print materials. That・s about the cost of a dinner for two.

Isn・t be fully prepared to pass your Citizenship test worth the cost of a meal? If so, this is the call of opportunity to you: a moment・s decision is all you need! Click here to listen to the demos and order your U-Pass NOW!

No Risk, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Still not convinced? No worries! At the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program, our only objective is to help you pass the citizenship test, not to have an unhappy customer. We stand behind our product and your satisfaction is our most important goal! Here is U-Pass Citizenship Success Program guarantee:
  • If you are not satisfied for any reason,
  • If you find another Citizenship test study program that offers more than U-Pass,
  • If you fail to pass your citizenship test,
Just return the product for a FULL refund, including return shipping charges. No risk, no questions asked! You have absolutely nothing to lose with our super-generous money-back guarantee! ! If you feel this is a fair proposition, then you will want to find out WITHOUT delay if U-Pass Citizenship Success Program can do for you what it has done for tens of thousands immigrants. Act now to purchase the Risk-Free U-Pass Citizenship Success Program!

An Investment In Success

Becoming a U.S. citizen is the first step on the path to a better future for you and your family. You WANT to pass your citizenship test the first time. Failing will only delay the dream of citizenship for you and people whom you care and love. Any person who is looking for a smarter way to pass citizenship test will order the U-Pass Citizenship Success Program. It's designed for you for ONE purpose - to help you get your citizenship faster! Why wait? Order your U-Pass RISK FREE copy NOW.

Good luck on becoming a US Citizen towards a brighter future! And thanks for buying U-Pass!

Maggie Pearce
Naturalized U.S. Citizen, 2004
Co-Creator of U-Pass Citizenship Success Program

ps. Help Make U-Pass Perfect!

We understand everyone・s situation is unique and needs are different. At U-Pass, we constantly improve our programs and strive to make them as close to perfect as possible. Customer feedback is one of the important factors that make U-Pass be the top citizenship study material of any kind. We value your feedback. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.

If you find any errors in our material, we give you FULL refund with return shipping cost plus $10 for every correction we incorporate into our materials. Just call us at 626-688-7280. We・re here to listen!

Order U-Pass Citizenship Success Program. There is a vision in it for your future!

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