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  1. At, we deliver the most efficient way to help you study and pass the US Citizenship Test. Click here to find out why tens of thousands naturalized U.S. citizens chose "U-Pass Citizenship Success Program".
  2. Find out the status of your naturalization application: You may check the status of your naturalization application by visiting or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283.
  3. M-476, A Guide to Naturalization, learn how to apply for US Citizenship (1314KB PDF) by USCIS
  4. General Naturalization Requirements
    • a period of continuous residence and physical presence in the United States;
    • residence in a particular USCIS District prior to filing;
    • an ability to read, write, and speak English;
    • a knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government;
    • good moral character;
    • attachment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution; and,
    • favorable disposition toward the United States.
  5. N400 Application Form

    N400 application form has a lot of really tough questions. For example, question 19 asks: ˇ§Have you ever been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program (for example: diversion, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication, deferred adjudication)?ˇ¨. A lot of immigrants will need to look into dictionary to find out the meaning of at least one of the words in this sentence.

    To help Hispanic and Chinese Immigrants with limited English skills, we translated the ENTIRE N400 form into Spanish and Chinese as part of U-Pass Citizenship Success Program and N400 Preparation Guide. The material is provided in both audio and print formats to help you fill out the N400 form and prepare for citizenship test. If you need help understand all the questions and don't want to spend $1,000s on immigrant lawyers, U-Pass is the answer!
  6. Document checklist for application form (N-400)
  7. Where to file your N400 Application
  8. Naturalization Information for Military Personnel
  9. Naturalization Waivers, Accommodations, Exceptions, and Special Cases
  10. Citizenship of Children


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