N400 Form Instructions for U.S. Naturalization Application

Filling out the N400 Naturalization application form is the first step towards becoming a US Citizen.

Any mistake you make on N400 form could turn out to be fatal or delay of getting your citizenship. I have a friend whose Mom did not answer the questions about time outside the United States. The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service) officer caught it during the interview. She had to hire an immigration attorney to help handle her case. She ended up spending over $5000 on attorney fees, and waited for one year before she could take the citizenship interview again. So it's very crucial to get everything right the first time!

N400 Form is NOT easy to fill out!

Those who have filled out the N400 form, or taken the Citizenship interview or passed the Citizenship test agree that some questions on N400 form are NOT easy to understand.

For example, in the ¡§Good Moral Character¡¨ section, question 19 asks: ¡§Have you ever been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program (for example: diversion, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication, deferred adjudication)?¡¨. I believe many of us will need to look in the dictionary to figure out the meaning for at least one of words in this sentence and find out how to pronounce them correctly .

N400 Questions are asked during Citizenship Interview

Most people think after they finish filling out N400 form, mailing it out, they are done with it. Wrong! You probably did NOT know that questions on N400 form are also asked during the Citizenship interview as part of the English test.

The Citizenship test has two parts: Civics and English. The Civics part covers U.S. Government and History. The English part tests your ability to understand, speak, read, and write the English language. At the beginning of the interview, USCIS officer will ask you questions about yourself, your family, your employment, your criminal background. All these questions are from N400 form. You are expected to understand the questions and be able to answer them in English. Remember, you are put on the Citizenship test from the moment you greet the USCIS officer. So if you want to get your citizenship, you must understand N400 questions and be able to answer them orally during the citizenship interview.

An Unique Prep Guide Designed to Help You Get Your Citizenship

To help applicants familiar with all the questions on N400, we developed a list of possible questions based on 10-page long N400 form and put it into a professional audio CD so you can listen to anytime anywhere. This unique N400 Prep Guide will help you memorize the questions and get ready for the citizenship test.

For those Hispanic and Chinese Immigrants with limited English skills, you will find our English-Spanish, English-Chinese bilingual N400 Prep Guide extremely helpful. It translates ALL N400 questions into your own native language to help you understand each question. The high quality audio CDs are recorded by professional voice-over talents in English and your own language. So in addition to the study materials themselves, it provides a native English-speaking voice to help with your pronunciation for the citizenship test!

All our bilingual version users love our N400 Prep Guide. They told us just the translation of N400 form into their own language saves them $1,000s on immigrant lawyers!

Listen to Demos below, if $14.99 is worth of helping you pass the citizenship test, if you feel $19.99 is a huge saving over $1,000s, you want to download this N400 Prep Guide Immediately! It¡¦s ONLY available here. You won't find it elsewhere, guaranteed!

N400 Naturalization Preparation Guide
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Ran L.,Co-Creator of U-Pass Citizenship Success Program,
Became a US Citizen in October, 2004.


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