US Citizenship Interview Tips
The most important tips for us citizenship interview is to answer questions honestly, do not LIE or HIDE about your history!

Remember that you are under oath. Always tell the truth during your interview. If you lie during your interview, you will be denied citizenship. If you are granted citizenship, but then USCIS finds out that you lied on your application or during your interview, your citizenship may be taken away.

Before the Citizenship interview
  • Prepare well for the Citizenship Test.

    You will be given 10 test questions which are randomly selected by the computer, you will have to answer 6 questions correct to pass the test. In other words, you can have no more than 4 wrong answers.

    Passing the Citizenship test is all about knowing what you will be tested on and memorizing only that material. The biggest challenge to passing is learning the right material in the least amount of time. If you want to eliminate those unnecessary use of time, try our U-Pass Citizenship Success Program. It's designed to maximize your studying efficiency and let you pass the Citizenship test with very little effort!
  • During the interview, you will be first asked questions about yourself, your eligibility, your family, your history in the US and good moral character, normally similar questions on the Citizenship application form. So before the interview, go through the questions on the application form and memorize how you answer them.
  • Do you know that you can change your name when you become a US citizen?

    If you want to change to a different name, this is the best time to do it! It will be processed with your application and all you need to do is to tell the Officer the new name you want. Your new name will appear on your Certificate of Naturalization. So be sure to have the new name ready before the interview.
  • Gather all the documents you need for the interview and put them in a folder. If you don¡¦t bring the necessary documents, your case may be delayed or denied.

    Included in our U-Pass Citizenship Success Program, we provide an Interview Checklist to make sure you will have all required documents and items gathered for your interview!
  • If you want a representative to accompany you to your interview, you must first send USCIS a Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative (Form G-28) with your application.
  • If you are exempt from the English requirements, you may bring an interpreter to the interview or USCIS may select one for you.
  • If you have any disabilities, you may bring a family member or legal guardian with you at the discretion of the USCIS officer.
On the Citizenship interview day
  • Dress up for the interview

    USCIS officers normally are in uniform. Show your respect for the Officer, dress up in your best cloth for the interview. This will be one of the most important interviews for your life!
  • Do not be late!

    Since all interviews are by appointment, so you normally don't need to wait for too long. Be at the interview place at least 15 minutes earlier. Get in line, make yourself comfortable with the environment.
During the Citizenship interview

At your interview, a USCIS officer will explain the purpose of the interview, ask to see your identification, and place you under oath.

He or she will ask you about your background; evidence supporting your case; your place and length of residence and your character, your attachment to the Constitution; and your willingness to take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States.

In addition, the USCIS officer may ask you some other questions to make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. Be prepared to explain any differences between your application and the other documents you provided to USCIS.

During your interview, a USCIS officer will also test your ability to read, write, and speak English (unless you are exempt from the English requirements).
  • If you do not understand the question, instead of guessing what it is, ask the Officer to repeat the question slowly.
  • When you are tested for US government and History questions, answer the questions slowly. Get the answers right is more important than showing how fast you can speak in English.
  • If you are not sure if you answered the questions correctly on the application form, explain the situation to the Officer. Do not ever try to lie or hide anything!

    Following is a very important FAQ from Naturalization Guide published on USCIS website:

    Question 7:. If I have been convicted of a crime but my record has been expunged, do I need to write that on my application or tell a USCIS officer?

    Answer: Yes. You should always be honest with USCIS about all:
    • Arrests (even if you were not charged or convicted);
    • Convictions (even if your record was cleared or expunged);
    • Crimes you have committed for which you were not arrested or convicted; and
    • Any countervailing evidence, or evidence in your favor concerning the circumstances of your arrests, and/or convictions or offenses that you would like USCIS to consider.

    Even if you have committed a minor crime, USCIS may deny your application if you do not tell the USCIS officer about the incident.

    Note that unless a traffic incident was alcohol or drug related, you do not need to submit documentation for traffic fines and incidents that did not involve an actual arrest if the only penalty was a fine less than $500 and/or points on your driver¡¦s license.
After the Citizenship interview

If USCIS approves your application for naturalization, you must attend a ceremony and take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. USCIS will notify you by mail of the time and date of your ceremony.
  • You must return your Permanent Resident Card to USCIS when you check in for your oath ceremony. You will no longer need your Permanent Resident Card because you will get your Certificate of Naturalization at the ceremony.
  • Once you have taken the Oath, you will receive your Certificate of Naturalization. You may use this document as proof that you are a U.S. citizen.
  • Apply for a U.S. passport soon after your naturalization ceremony! Normally you will receive a passport application package along with your ceremony notice. Fill it out before the ceremony and drop it off at the ceremony center. This will save you a lot of time by doing it later at the post office!
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